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We are currently set up to deliver across all of Vancouver including North Vancouver, West Vancouver and North Burnaby. For deliveries outside of these areas we can coordinate specific pick-up times and locations on Fridays and Saturdays.

Every board is made with a selection of meats and/or cheeses that are specially selected to complement each other and offer a beautiful range of flavour profiles. Our boards are curated on the number of guests that will be gathering and sharing. For a more decadent experience, there is an option to select those which include a wider variety and more artisanal accompaniments. All Noble Fig orders include a beautiful and reusable bamboo board, fresh fruit garnish, and olives or our featured preserve.

We offer 3 board types: Meat only, Meat and Cheese and Cheese only.

Each is available in 3 different levels of decadence: Meglio, Mezzo and Magnifico.

The Meglio is prepared to be a collection of the most popular cheeses and/or meats with paired crostini and our signature fig preserve.

The Mezzo upgrades your board by featuring more variety of meats and/or cheeses, more exclusive meats and/or cheeses and includes fresh bread, fine nuts, dried fruits and truffle honey in addition to the crostini and our signature fig preserve.

The Magnifico, is absolute indulgence with our most exclusive cheeses and/or meats added to what’s on the Mezzo, including or signature fig preserve, stuffed olives, fresh honeycomb, dried fruits, pickles, 3 jam flavour profiles and our favourite flavoured crackers and crostini.

Each board is available in a date night format for 2-3 people, small format for 4-5 people, medium for 6-8 people and large for 10-12 people. If you are ordering for a larger group, we will combine multiple large boards for your gathering.

Experimenting with pairings and seeking out the best varietals and styles of wine that highlight key flavour profiles of our cheese has been a big part of the sourcing process. We ensure our recommendations and beverage list complement our cheese characteristics, not overpower them.

As a broad rule, the whiter and fresher cheeses pair best with a crisper and fruitier wine. The heavier, richer and soft cheeses can be partnered with a fuller white such as a Chardonnay, or light Pinot or Rosé.

With harder and darker cheeses, choose a heavier and richer wine to stand up to and balance the flavours and umami. Blue cheeses are fantastic with dessert wines!

We will soon be curating and publishing a cheese by cheese guide in The World of Charcuterie section. We would love for our Noble Fig fans to help contribute and share.

The most important questions to consider are:

1) How many people are gathering?

2) Is this board “the meal” for enjoying with wine or is it a prequel or sequel to the main meal?

If our boards are intended to be the “the meal” we suggest doubling your head count when ordering to curb the appetites of your guests. You can always add on special extras at the end to satisfy those extra cravings.

The easiest way to order for office meetings or larger events is to order multiple boards based on your numbers. However, we often recommend that you custom build your board through our Meetings and Event Portal. There you can also see our unique presentations options such as wine barrel boards and custom branded boards.

Our ingredients are the reason why our boards are incomparable to any other charcuterie experience. Once you’ve tasted fresh Italian salami and exquisite French cheese, your taste buds will never be the same.

Generations of knowledge, decades of first-hand experience and most importantly the ability to build strong, authentic relationships with farmers, butchers and importers. We ensure we are working with those who have the same passion and zeal for high quality products and a commitment to sustainability and traceability of their food.

Once you have completed your order using our online system, there is a short window of time before we start curating your board. Please email us at customerservice@noblefig.com as soon as possible or contact us through Facebook messenger with your order information and we will do our best to fulfill your query. Charges and additional costs may apply for additions or substitutions.

Please be aware that our boards are curated in an environment that handles and is exposed to nuts, fresh fruit, dairy, wheat and gluten. Many of our boards include nuts and wheat products.

Our boards can be ordered up to 30 days in advance for your gathering. You can also place an order before noon to have it ready and delivered as early as 4pm the same day!

Make sure to join our community via email and our social channels. We are always looking to reward our fans and will offer seasonal perks to those who stay with us via Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

We built Noble Fig in the hopes of bringing charcuterie lovers closer to the specialized deli experience. We make it easier and simpler through our convenient delivery service, enabling you to focus on your guests. Find us through select event and hospitality partners, and at our special pop-up events. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date.

We are proud of our high quality, sustainable and reusable bamboo charcuterie boards and hope that you can use them as future cutting boards, hostess gifts and of course in your very own snack and food displays.

We are also working on a board recycling program that will allow us to pick up previous boards with your new order. We’ll keep you posted via our newsletter.

We have built and designed Noble Fig as a web-based app to ensure a seamless experience on every screen. Behind the scenes, we are continually investing in our technology stack to create a better board-building and ordering experience.

At this time, we aren’t offering any vegan options as we are committed to avoiding processed foods and constituted alternatives. However, our cheese-only boards are 100% vegetarian and we are very excited to offer several non-cow milk cheese varieties with our custom-built boards.